Play Cincinnati Golf – Any Weather – Any Time Of Day!

You’re All Right!

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IT IS too cold and dark for your foursome to play golf

AFTER WORK and on the WEEKENDS in Cincinnati.


#7…..Par-3…..Monterey Peninsula…..Approach

But now your foursome can play golf at any time of the day or night –

in 72-degree comfort!


#18…..Par-5…..Monterey Peninsula…..Driver Practice

You’ll enjoy courses of the Monterey Peninsula, British Open and Ryder Cup…

…without the airfare or hotel expenses.


#9…..Par-4…..Monterey Peninsula…..Pitch Practice

AND, you’ll be accompanied on your journey around these classic golf courses by Southern Ohio’s Only PGA Master Teaching Professional, Joel Suggs.

Joel will give you insights regarding the subtleties of the golf course and even tips for your golf game, if you’d like…

…So you may very well play better in 2016, because of your Winter rounds, while your buddies were stuck without their normal play and practice.


#17…..Par-5…..The Belfry…..Going-For-It-In-Two Practice

Book your ‘all-weather/any-time-of-day’ round or practice NOW

How much Time will it take to Play?

Plan on about ’30-Minutes-Per-9-Per-Player’.

So, 2 players will play 9-holes in about 1 hour, right?

And 2 players will play 18-holes in about 2 hours.


 How Much Does It Cost?

Price is ‘Per-Hour-No-Matter-The-Number-Of-Players’.

14 Endicott St. in Greenhills Shopping Center

between Creamy Whip and Butt Shack BarBQ Grill, next to the Library

In Greenhills/ Winton Woods Area

513 729-7073 for more Information.



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      Ms. Steele,
      Yes, we do offer Gift Certificates…please call 729-7073 to purchase for Family and Friends.
      Thank You!

    1. Post author

      Yes, Nick, next to the Library – halfway between the Creamy Whip and BarBQ Grill.

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